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70s,80s,90s,00s roms


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Slapshot67 roms 71-89.

I am missing 87. I don't know how, but would love to have it.

I hope Slapshot gets his site up again.

He did some amazing work.

NHL 71.binNHL 72.binNHL 73.binNHL 74.binNHL 75.binNHL 76.binNHL 77.binNHL 79.binNHL 80.binNHL 81.binNHL 82.binNHL 83.binNHL 85.binNHL 84.binNHL 86.binNHL 88.binNHL 89.bin

NHL 78.bin

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i spoke with slapshot a couple of months ago, and he told me he was working on a new website and that it would be open soon. i emailed him a couple of times since then but he hasnt gotten back to me. i'm sure he's just doing his thing right now and will be back around shortly with the new site! good guy, he always helps me out with any questions i have.

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I'm really loving these version of 94 with seasons prior to 1990. Has anyone made any versions of 94 based on series before 1970? I would really love to play with some of the teams from the 50's and 60's in NHL 94. If anyone has any, please post. Thanks!

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