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I want to thank you for these retro ROMs! I remember as a kid playing nhl 93 and 94 and dreaming about playing them with early 80s roosters (and modifications)! I wonder if it's possible to individualize the different arenas (montreal forum with blue stripe on the boards, boston garden dimensions etc etc).

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Slapshot67 roms 71-89.

I am missing 87. I don't know how, but would love to have it.

I hope Slapshot gets his site up again.

He did some amazing work.

attachicon.gifNHL 71.binattachicon.gifNHL 72.binattachicon.gifNHL 73.binattachicon.gifNHL 74.binattachicon.gifNHL 75.binattachicon.gifNHL 76.binattachicon.gifNHL 77.binattachicon.gifNHL 79.binattachicon.gifNHL 80.binattachicon.gifNHL 81.binattachicon.gifNHL 82.binattachicon.gifNHL 83.binattachicon.gifNHL 85.binattachicon.gifNHL 84.binattachicon.gifNHL 86.binattachicon.gifNHL 88.binattachicon.gifNHL 89.bin

Thanks mate! Gotta love those oldies.

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On 1/30/2018 at 1:30 AM, slapshot67 said:

After 10 years of waiting:blink:, the 90s are coming soon.


You 1971 through to 1989 roms are superb and I have, frankly speaking, played the hell out of them. That you are doing the nineties is incredible. Thank you very much for these. Superb news.


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the 90's are finally here:)

NHL 90.binNHL 91.binNHL 92.binNHL 93.binNHL 94.binNHL 95.binNHL 96.binNHL 97.binNHL 98.binNHL 99.bin


Next updates will be
other scores N/A fix
proper ice layouts
proper arena music
convert 94 to 93 and add fight ratings

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On 4/23/2020 at 9:23 PM, slapshot67 said:

Did you ever get around to converting to 93?  I'm particularly looking for 84, 87 and 90.

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