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What date are the playoffs expected to start???

There is two weeks remaining in the season from monday nov.5. The first round playoff bracket will be setup shortly after that.

How will the playoffs work? It says the top 8 teams make the playoffs, but is that top 8 in each conference or the whole league? My schedule might get tricky around playoffs because hockey season will start to pick up.

It will be the top 4 from each conference(division winners plus next two with best record).

Each playoff round will be two weeks...which is more than ample time to schedule and play a series with someone. If a series is not played..the admins will decide how it is handled.

Of course if two opponents have won their first round. They don't have to wait for the other conference to finish..they can play their series right away.

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Regular Season begins Monday September 10th

Checkpoint 1 - Monday September 24th (8/4gms played)

Checkpoint 2 - Monday October 8th (16/8gms played)

Checkpoint 3 - Monday October 22nd (24/12gms played)

Checkpoint 4 - Monday November 5th (32/16gms played)

Checkpoint 5 - Monday November 19th (40/20gms played)

Regular Season ends November 19th

Playoffs begin Saturday December 1st

Round 1 Checkpoint - Monday December 17th

Round 2 Checkpoint - Monday December 31st

Round 3 Checkpoint - Monday January 14th

Round 4 Checkpoint - Monday January 28th

Season ends January 28th

Top 8 teams in each league make the playoffs.


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don't worry hossman, neither does 12-26-0.

I'm still calling for a steroid check on SEBE's Canadians and Mylec's Nordiques, I just know those frenchies have been juicin'.

I'm not sure how I feel about patrick roy hoisting up the cup with a needle in his arm.

-Vinnie :P

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