GDL Season 3 Prediction Thread

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Bolded Teams are Playoff Teams

wboy Division







Division Analysis

EA, Angryjay, and Logan should be able to put a nice gap between themselves and the rest of the division by mid-season. KCR will chop into it late, but it won't be enough. DaDonch44 and SSiG will be fighting it out to avoid the cellar, with Donchy coming out on top of that one thanks to a better head to head mark (they finish tied in points).

Dallongeville Division



Vocally Caged




Division Analysis

No offense to edisaurusrex, but the talent in this division is just way too much. The battle for the division title will go well into the home stretch, but expect Habs to win the games when it counts most. Scribe should be able to hold down 2nd, with Vocally Caged finishing 3rd. Newjerseykiller will get a playoff spot as well, as will GDL rookie awesomerino, who will be able to tie down the final playoff spot with some late season wins to hold off KCR93 and DaDonch44. It'll be a battle between SSiG and edisaurusrex to avoid the conference cellar...but some late wins for SSiG should be able to secure only minor embarassment. :lol:


Mark Lesser Conference

Dmitry Division




Matt Hurray



Division Analysis

With Mogilny and Smith, I could have put hokkeefan in the, not so much. While Gilmour will be good, Al Iafrate's hard slapper will not be able to help enough. kgman wins 40 in a row to start the season, clinches the division before his clash w/SSiG, which turns out to be the biggest upset in history. gr8199 finishes a distant 2nd in the division, with skoolyardpuck and Matt Hurray tying down playoff spots. Jamonica is a quality player, and in the other conference, he'd probably be the #3 or #4 seed...but this conference and division is loaded with talent, so I see him just missing out.

Evan Division







Division Analysis

The Evan Division will be highly-contested down the stretch, with bhf and Carse going neck and neck until the very end. You could swap both of their final positions and not go wrong. Takeyourpill could get a playoff spot, but questions about how many games he'll be able to complete will arise often. Another GDL rookie, IceStorm70, will be able to get the final playoff spot with some key wins down the stretch. Dmac and smozoma could easily make this division a fight for the bottom 4 playoff spots, but I'm going to be bold and keep them out for now...kinda' because I'm too lazy to re-write this entire thread :P

Discuss...since there will be disagreements with my predictions :P

DISCLAIMER: The preceding is in character, and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of DaDonch44, SSiG, or the rest of the GDL.

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my prediction: newjerseykiller will be top 4 team in the conf, and will be in contention for top spot in Dallongeville Division. Hes got one very scary lineup and knows how to use it. Also I think dadonch and kingscup will make the playoffs.

As for the Mark Lesser conference, I agree with what your saying about hokkee he traded mogs who can absolutely carry a team himself so he'll be hard pressed to make playoffs.

Dmitry division, thegr8199 is my pick to take it with skool right behind him.

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The predictions were meant to motivate, not insult :P

Good to see you're good natured about it, smozoma :lol:

I'm gonna ride Roy's hot glove all the way to first round elimination!

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I wouldn't count me in the playoffs just yet. I'm like an athlete who suffered major brain trauma and has forgotten how to play the game. Except in this case it's not brain trauma, it's not playing GENS for months and playing in a SNES league :<.

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haha watch out boys my defensive improvements with using bure to get essensa and mogilny to get iafrate and gilmour will get me into the playoffs .If i made it in barely with a 50 rated goalie and hogue oates and should be easier getting in but you never know guys haha.also not being in the same div with habs angryayj and kgman should help and dont count jamonica out.but for 1 more thing with the weight bug draft infringement i think gilmour has fun .i think my main prob will be dealing with penalties with gilmour,iafrate but thats what my main objective was getting a aggressive and defensive team that i went away from when drafting .anyways blah blah blah ..oh damn ...kgman is in my division haha and the toughest team ive played so far is smozomas team

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lets not forget whos prediction was spot on last year.. :lol:

i think LA kings will make the playoffs.. LA kings and is deffinately way better than nj killer, and ive never seen/played this other new guy.

I also see the Lesser conference much more competitive when taking into account all 12 teams. the top conference is more top heavy, but doesnt have as many talented teams from top to bottom. I could see Jamonica finishing 4th or 5th in the top conf, while his future remains unknown in the bottom one.

other than that, i think hokkee will get in there.. depending how many games he plays drunk.

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I see skool winning the dmitry division. He's been romping lately, and he has built a team that plays really nicely to his strengths. KG will do a close 2nd.

other than that... you pretty much have the yankees vs. red sox with EA and angryjay in the same division. Looking forward to that season long scuffle!

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