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Here is the beginning of a 5 part season preview for GDL 3 provided by angryjay93. Feel free to make comments on any portion of the preview as debate is more than half the fun. Soon to come, individual team breakdowns by division with ultra in depth analysis. Enjoy!

Barr Conference

1. Detroit

2. Montreal

3. Islanders

4. Minnesota

5. Quebec

6. Rangers

7. Los Angeles

8. Anaheim

9. Philadelphia

10. New Jersey

11. San Jose

12. Buffalo

Lesser Conference

1. Winnipeg

2. Chicago

3. Ottawa

4. St. Louis

5. Pittsburgh

6. Colorado

7. Vancouver

8. Boston

9. Tampa Bay

10. Dallas

11. Toronto

12. Calgary

Barr winner: Montreal

Lesser winner: Chicago

Stanley cup winner: Chicago

Man, this was an incredibly tough call to make in both conferences. You could have easily picked 6-8 teams as being teams that could easily make it into the cup finals and anyone one of those teams could win depending on the match up. But I give the edge to BHF because of the sheer speed of his team will make his deke moves even more deadly. Despite the fact of having Puppa in net, BHF will rip apart most any other goalie on his way to his first cup.

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picking up the sword EA laid down are you?

First you come after my preview by saying im on something and that i should be fired, last time i looked, you have no room to make a joke with me and if you dont know that, then quite frankly you have no idea how humans work.

I have zero problem with disagreeing and saying something respectable to me in a constructive way, coming after me in the form you have is wholly inappropriate, so if you dont like it, all i have to say to you is dont read it.

And there is nothing like sitting on your high horse when you antoganize someone no stop and act in a childish manner during a conversation with someone, so, say what you will about my high horse, the fact is you are the one coming after me here proclaiming that you are the holy one and that AJ is some moron.

Furthermore, our problem was held private, yet you are the one making it public, who is making personal attacks now?

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Do I have to post our conversation after I beat you in the GEL game, that cause you to block me on AIM? You made it public by your predictions.

That is the reason why you predicted me 9th, just to try and piss me off.

Now if that isnt disrespect, I dont know what is.

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Settle down gr81. These are just fun predictions don't take them personally. And hey, you never know, anything can happen. Maybe I will win the cup :D

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The conversation you mentionned, and are threatning to make public is yet again another very childish move by you. you wanted me to take a joke, that had no hint of being a joke. sure, i will admit i said some pretty bad things, but to come off acting like you were an amazing person during that whole situation isnt quite telling the whole story.

Obviously you have no desire to actually wait for me to post my predictions and are going to make a private matter public because you strongly feel that im coming after you in a personal attack. Nothing i can do appereantly will appease you, so im not even going to bother to tell you to wait for the predicition because i actually have several viable reasons for my prediction.

If you want to call it disrespect, so be it, again, im not about to get on my knees and say i was wrong and beg for forgiveness. you are simply misinterprating something i said, sounds kind of familiar, does it not?

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I have no intention to bring you into this, just simply a reference, i apologize if you thought i was.

Despite our difference, there was obviously no attack on you as well as i predicted you to finish ahead of me.

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you know what! Your predictions are bunk AJ!!!!

KGMan is going to go 0-56! Write it down, I said it 1st!

p.s. people are pretty touchy about their "reputations." So the question is: what is more important to you; winning at a 15 year old videogame, being a jerk, and not earning any respect along the ways..... or being a tough competitor and earning the respect of those that you play, and being a bigger man than those who try to take cheap shots at you?

I have a lot of respect for a lot of the guys in this league... that would be a shame if a couple of guys get the rep for being "that guy" because they allow themselves to get dragged into petty arguments.

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Now these are some really good jokes, i actually laughed outloud at the last few posts :D

People should take notes on how Matt and skool present jokes, how could i take offense to either of those without being a complete psychopath?

And matt, we will just have to see if kgman goes 0-56, if it looks like he will, i will tank one of my games with him just to prove you wrong :D

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10th for me? Aren't we being quite generous? :P

I have a STRONG suspicion that SSiG is the most patient hustler in the history of the world, and as we approach his second full year at he's going to start playing for money and smoking everyone 7-1 game after game after game...

I've just never seen anyone who works harder to keep his own rep down!

Beware Scott Stevens... Beware...

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