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Hey guys,

A couple of cool add-ons I'd like to keep working with you help:

1 - NHL94 Soundboard http://www.nhl94.com/html/soundboard.htm

The idea is to have all of the sound effects and organ music here in a sound board, just for fun. Anyone got ideas for how it should look? I threw this together just to get the idea down. Let me know. All feedback/help is welcome!

2 - New Video Section http://nhl94.com/multimedia/flv/

This is also something I threw together quick to get the idea down. Basically, this would be a way for anyone to upload videos to me for the website. We've had plenty of videos (many on youtube) that I'd like to personally host here. I can even give certain people user accounts where they could upload their own video in a folder within the video player. All video need to be FLV format. This is the format used for YouTube and most streaming video these days. I have an FLV converter called Xilisoft Video Converter that works awesome.

Again, both of these pages are quick ideas I threw together. I would love to hear your ideas and opinions to make these ideas really go far.

Thanks guys!


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i think it would be pretty cool to put league championship games or even playoff games that were extremely close (ex: game 7 overtime win in conf. finals) in the video section.

I was thinking of the same thing. Adding to that, maybe have a "game of the week" sort of thing where you have an "announcer" or two commentate over a recorded game or two.

That is, of course, anyone wants to commentate on online games. I may be able to do it, but I'll probably embarrass the s**t out of myself :rolleyes:

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Of course now I must rip Ron Barr's matchup commentary from the Sega CD version for reasons undisclosed.

"Dragon Garden, you pick up or delivery?"

"Hi I'm Ron Barr for EA Sports."

"Yes, what you ordah?"

"New York comes in to the game with one of the leagues most potent offenses."

"You want a special?"

"Hi I'm Ron Barr for EA Sports."

"I know you Ron Bah for EA Sport, what you ordah? You stop calling if you don't want ordah!"

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