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whats the opinion in how many games should be released for start of season?


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Yeah, I thought we sorted this out last season, when we started with quite a few games (10+?).

I was all excited that the season had started, then there was noone to play with. No one else even uploaded a game tonight!

I still like the gradual release of games over the season, but the start of the season is such a yawner if we only get 2 games.

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The more games the better. I like the gradual release as well, provides a lot of excitement near the end of the season and more accurate stats. However, the start of the season should have a fair amount of games released, and then have the gradual thing releasing games. As it is right now, my season doesn't even start until day 3.

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how come when I goto my login page it only shows 3 games, but on the schedule I have like 7gms. Example day 1 MTL(habs) ANH(DaDonch44) this game isnt on my upload page.

try it again. there was a bug when i reset the schedule after the preseason, but it should be fixed now.

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Ok I found a few more gliches lol.

I think this is a montreal thing

Games that I uploaded (wins) are showing twice here. Not a big deal.. standings arent affected with double wins

Also the games that I uploaded, the scoring summary is all crazy and has a bunch of other goals in there like mtl @ pit

final was 3-2 mtl, but if you look at the scoring summary it shows like 13 goals scored. Other than the scoring summary everything seems like it uploaded fine.

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can you change these links in the standings and front page when u click the team logo from;id=58&st=2 i dont even know what this is

to this

I'd like to see the team leaders on the main Team page, too. When I'm looking at teams, I'm usually much more interested in their top scorers than their boxscores.

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