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BOS Gens C Wraps Up Season


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BOS Gens C just recently wrapped their season just previously with a double header against Winnipeg on November 18th. "We just lost the important 'must win' games against opponents we should have beaten," stated Adam Oates. "Holy s**t, I can't be waited to trade to Colorado a few years from now to get my chance to hold that cup," Ray Bourque was whining. Rookie coach Kupuck felt that the season was a success for a first, going 14-26-0, and ending the season with a 6 game winning streak. "I felt that if we won the games we needed to against certain teams, we might have been in a position to make playoffs, we just did not have the focus or seriousness that we needed to put us in that position. So now we hang up or skates, and have a golf tournament fund raiser for starving Africans or cancer patients." - Coach Kupuck. "Well we weren't the most focused team in the locker room before games, how are we supposed to concentrate on beating Jeremy Roenick and the Blackhawks when Andy Moog is dancing to the 'YMCA' with his wiener flopping around naked before the game?" - Cam Neely. "Moog does have a good sized dong," said Joe Jeauneu, "but his dingy dance doesn't win hockey games." With the season ending on a strong six game winning streak, coach kupuck is excited to play in his next league. Although his availability was not the best, he will become more of a summer coach because trying to balance his league games, school, and hockey season was tough during this last fall. Good season for the boys in beantown.


Wait a little longer Ray,


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Yeah, sad to see that not everyone in our league completed their games. I don't think it's a majority of the players fault though. There was one coach who missed the 40 game mark by a good margin, and than a lot of coaches who didn't get enough games in were because that coach was never on, and he was terrible with logging games when he lost. The coach beat me our first three games, and the fourth one I battled back against him and won and it took him almost a week to confirm the score. Too bad we couldn't have had some of the guys replaced with guys like the coaches who took over Philly and Winnipeg, those boys did a good job on catching up with the rest of us to try and meet the deadline. They were committed to try and catch up on the games, and almost pulled it off.


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Thanks and congrats to everyone, on a great season.

I've really enjoyed my "rookie" season, and winning the President trpohy as a first time coach is very special to me.

I look forward to the playoffs and hope to take home the cup.

Good luck to everyone!

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