2005 NHL '94 ROM

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So I just downloaded an SNES Emulator off SNES 9x and NHL '94 ROM off ROM Nation and while I'm having a blast playing with the old-school gameplay, teams, and players, I was curious if anyone had taken it upon themself to create an updated version of NHL '94 set in the 2004/2005 NHL season (lockout not with standing).

I ask this after I read Evan's 'Game Editing' article, and knew I didn't have a shot at trying to customize NHL '94.

If anyone is currently/wants to work on this suggested project (if a ROM isn't currently availiable) and get this in motion, I'm more then willing to help out. I know I could create the rosters, with each player's detailed stats on an attribute, set the team bi-color banner, and grab images of the team's logo's and respective players. It's just the technical game editing that holds me back from taking it further.

EA is really sitting on a goldmine, as mentioned previously...

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