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Where Are All These New Members?


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Well, I think I can help with this one. I have not joined a league to date. I have limited online experience and when I did play, it was too choppy for me to confidently test my skills.

A second reason for not playing in a league boils down to a fear of commitment. My schedule is not condusive to participating reliably enough to commit to a season. And, as I've seen of late, people who join up and do not finish draw the vengence of all involved.

So I, personally, do not join simply because of common courtesy. I don't want to be the problem child or the "flaky" one. I come around here simply to read up on discussions, play new roms and add my two cents from time to time. It is a place that I come for enjoyment. It works for me. And, as far as I know, many others do the same. It has to be pretty difficult to fill the many leagues with reliable coaches so I understand where this thread is coming from.

Hopefully that helped.

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a lot of us don't know how to play on-line. I play on the cartridge still. Have 8 man tourny's at my house, decent players, I swear it looks like Swingers when you walk in. I've tried contacting people for info, some have helped, but if you're not very good with computers you need someone to actually walk you through it, cause it's like Japanese to me.

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