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Hey Snes-A coaches,

It's that time again to vote for coach awards. Please copy and paste these categories into your post and add which coach you vote for at the end of each line. We made the voting awards much easier this time around.


1. Best Overall Coach - [coach here]

2. Best Sportsmanship Coach - [coach here]

3. Best Manual Goalie Coach - [coach here]

4. Most Creative Coach - [coach here]

5. Most Improved Coach - [coach here]

6. Coach Who Stuck It Out Through The Hard Times - [coach here]

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1. Best Overall Coach - Fenty (although Jeff is a close second) - has mastered the game in all areas.

2. Best Sportsmanship Coach - Schwartz - always keeps the game fun and entertaining with his in game comments

3. Best Manual Goalie Coach - Fenty - (mark was a close second here) - extremely skilled at reading plays and stopping them.

4. Most Creative Coach - Jeff94rules1 - I don't think anyone plays the game more than Jeff and because of that...he finds lots of ways to fool you.

5. Most Improved Coach - Mark L - from very good player to great player

6. Coach Who Stuck It Out Through The Hard Times - J3wish - no matter what the score or what the record...J3w1sh is one of the most reliable players I've met...and his record is not an indicator of how good he is.

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