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Vocally Caged / Playoffs  

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  1. 1. Should Vocally Caged be allowed to play in the Playoffs?

    • Yes
    • No

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Hey Guys,

As many of you know Vocally Caged has been having computer and internet issues which has prohibited him from playing any of his league games.

He contacted me about 5 minutes ago saying that he will not be getting his internet back until February 3rd (this Sunday).

He wanted to know if it would be alright if he could forefit his remaining games, and play in the playoffs.

If he forfeited his remaining games, he would have enough points to be in the playoffs.

Of course those games would be Wins for the other coaches.

I figured this should be a decision for everyone and not left solely up to me.

Weigh in with your opinion and vote.

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Well I mean in my opinion I don't really find it fair that somebody who never plays their games gets to make the playoffs however, due to VC having a messed up computer, I think he shouldn't get points off for missed games, but just have however many points he has right now to advance to the playoffs.

In other words, sure, let him play in the playoffs as long as he will play his games before the playoff deadlines are over.

P.S. When will the playoff tree be up?

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Can't speak for VC cause i don't know his situation, but if it were me i'd do what it took to get the games in-even if it meant playin on a friends computer with a keyboard! :)

I voted no BTW based on inability to play games.

*Edit-Just checked the GDL website to see that VC is knocking out a bunch of games as I type.

I'd change my vote to yes if he can get em done in the next couple days(god i must sound like a politician)

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I voted yes considering he led the league in games played at the first checkpoint and has never had the rep for being unable to complete games. Bad circumstances came about that messed his sh*t up at the worst time but he still has enough points to make the playoffs so he deserves it.

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