Canucks Slapped Early In The 2nd Round


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The Vancouver Canucks have continued their disappointing streak against the Winnipeg Jets. What I mean is, the Canucks have now lost all 5 of their season meetings with Winnipeg, losing EVERY ONE OF THEM in OT.

All of the games have been incredibly exciting, with the Canucks usually scoring a last minute goal to tie, but then the penalties kick in which results in a Jets win.

In the 3 games that have been played so far, Winningpeg came out on top in overtime, which just killed the Canucks. Even Bure had his fair share of goals, but it wasn't enough as the Jets have taken a 3-0 chokehold on this series.

The remaining games will be played either tomorrow or Tuesday at approximately 7:00pm EST.

great games so far kgman, I'm looking forward to our remaining games :lol:

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your sportsmanship is truly great man lose like that i think i woulda hung my noose just kidding but man great sportsmanship and i hope you come back against mr play with my pud who happens to be one of the best players ever

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hehe Thanks hokkee, I appreciate it. :lol:

And yeah dmitry I made save states so I'll upload them right now.

i have to say that iam extemely lucky to be up 3-0 hes had 20+ shots a game far i cant believe weve gone 5 straight ot's what are the odds of that LOL!

And to Smoz good series im sure ull be a force to be recon with next season ggs man

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