Question for mack (or other hackers)

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Hex Offset 000C8506

0EEA is the ice color

0200 is the puck color (used by a lot of other onscreen graphics so best you don't touch it, or keep it dark).

0EEC is the glass and overhead light reflection color.

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How do you go about finding these things wboy?  Is it trial and error?

Semi-educated trial and error.

In short...

Firstly, I open the rom in the GENS editor and go to the game screen I am trying to find the palette for.

Pause the game.

Go into the CPU > Debug > VDP option.

Its basically brings up all the loaded graphics and palettes currently loaded in the graphics memory of the genesis.

Take a snapshot of the screen, open it in a graphics editor and get the RGB values from palette. Calculate backs is hex BGR value (0EEA), do the next few colors and then search for those hex bytes in the rom. There can be more than one instance of the same pallete, so from there trial and error find the spots.

There is a few more lilttle quirks to know calculating the BGR value from the supposed RGB values, but I won't go into it just now.

In short, doing this method it it took me about 15 minutes to find ice offset in 95. I would of done it earlier, but only now am I getting around to adding additional palette ediiting to my editor. So of course, I have to find the common palette offsets within the ROMS! ::)


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