Summit Series ROM - Official download

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2on2_summit_v.4X.binslapshot67 did a great job in adding team usa to the rom, special thanks to him.

Team canada has been edited to use the standard ratings

and so has team usa, they are both exactly same ratings.

download here.




FIX: USA H/F (hand) was not same as Canada- this does not effect play as it is just even(righty),odd(lefty) attribute. But we want to make it exactly the same so download and use this FIX.2on2_summit_v.4X.bin

sry for the inconvenience, I can send it through aim if you want.

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Critical update: I just noticed the goalies for usa/can have slightly different stats, fuhr is 81 ov, miller is 79.. miller is lighter/faster and better all of the glove/stick stats. I completely forgot to check the goalie ratings when updating the rom. Not sure if this made any big difference but here's the corrected rom with the standard goalie ratings(which are basically 80-82ov as well).

delete the old rom v4.1 -We played about 9 games with v4.1, 15 with regular one.

must use this from now on.-

or simply use the regular 2on2 teams.

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I think that Habs has created one of the BEST ideas I've seen for nhl94 involvement on this site. The amount of traffic and games for 2 on 2 has skyrocketed. great job.

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