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I apologize to the community for calling to ban a player. I realize that no one player is bigger than the game and I should not have called out Wags like that.

I do think at times his behaviour is....unwelcome, but I think all of the US players should look at themselves right now and say, "What the f**k...we are down 42-15" We ALL need to step it up. I can't say I support Wags' behaviour, but I support his view that all the US players need to step it up and step it up fast.

Sorry to Wags and to all.

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The main thing that we need to do is avoid mismatches. That's why I haven't been playing in any summit games lately: two rooks shouldn't play together in a game where Habs, Sebe, or Sonixx are playing-- which is just about every game.

I'm guilty of it. There have been a few games where I teamed up with another rook and we got pounded. On the other hand though, the rooks have played pretty solid (for the most part) and should find consolation in the fact that we have played better opponents so close.

There's still a chance that we can come back, but we need to let the elite players play for now and see if they can close the enormous gap of wins.

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