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I have updated the downloads page of the website, with some of the intro songs from the Genesis and SNES versions of NHL94. (at the bottom of the Games & Music section)

I don't have any midi versions yet, but who knows what one can find on the internet. :D


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Well, not what you are exactly after, but the attached midi is the title music from the Genesis NHL94 rom.

I created it by doing a GYM dump in Gens (under the "Sound" menu).

Using a utility found at zophar's domain called GYM2MID, I converted the exported .GYM to a MIDI file.

Turned out quite well. The 92 title music on the other hand didn't, and would need to be tinkered a little within a midi editor to possibly sound better.

With any luck you could find a SPC (or ZST - zsnes thing I understand?) dump tool for SNES games that may allow you to do the same thing?

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This '94 midi file sounds great. I'm going to try importing this into an audio composer software (Nuendo), to see if I can use the midi track information and create a remix. I'll let you know when I get around to doing this, and what the results are. (My brother has a full-blown audio studio, so it should be fun.)


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does anyone have the NHLPA 93 theme for SNES? That was the only good thing about that unplayable abomination. The SNES theme of NHLPA 93 sounded like a remixed version of the NHL 92 theme. It was pretty sweet.

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