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For NHL94 on sega CD, is there a way to get the CD audio files working without burning to a disc? The game is emulating fine except none of the CD audio is coming through at all. Any help would be appreciated.

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If your ISO extract file is named...


...then the audio track extracts need to exist in the same folder named as follow...

NHL94 01.mp3

NHL94 02.mp3

.. etc ..

NHL94 77.mp3

NHL94 78.mp3

From memory it also works with the .WAV equivalents if you haven't yet MP3'd the audio track extracts.

Read the Gens readme.txt for more info as I'm certain this topic is covered within.

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The sega cd on my kega emulator works but I downloaded NHL '94 from every site I know (Including this one) and it just goes to that opening thing with Sonic standing next to the sega logo and then it goes black HELP.

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Yes, you must turn on the option called "Perfect Synchro" or something similar to that. I think that's what The Russian Rocket is referring to.

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