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Classic '94 Spring 2008 LEAGUE RULES


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Welcome to the Classic '94 League! We highly recommend you read through all of the rules before joining so you know what to expect.

In Game Settings

These are the in-game settings used for Classic '94:

Period Length: 5 Minutes

Line Changes: OFF

Penalties: On, except offsides

Goalie: Manual

Default Connection Type (Gens Only): Good (20 keyframes/s)

Registration & League Setup

There will be a set start and end date for 2008 Spring registration. During the active registration period, players who want to participate in the league are required to post in the designated forum with your AIM screenname and team preference list (20 teams). Once registration has ended, players will be notified of their league status. Committed Veteran Coaches with a history of reliability from the previous classic league season will be guaranteed a spot for this year’s league. Remaining Coaches will fill out the remainder of the league or be put on a waiting list.

All players who are currently listed on our NHL94Online.com website (Gens/Snes Online Players) will be notified via email. Information will also be posted in the forums and on Planetrogers.com website itself. Teams will be awarded according to preferences submitted during registration (selection order will be randomly determined and posted publicly). The number of teams and leagues per season depends both on the number of players who sign up and on the Admin Team’s discretion (in terms of committed coaches and competitive balance, etc.).

Coaches will not be able to trade or drop teams after they have been announced. Be sure to have your team preference list in the order you want it.

General Community Conduct

It is very important that everyone involved in the online leagues show good sportsmanship "on and off the ice". The Admin Team won't tolerate childish behavior in the forums or elsewhere. All we ask is that everybody play their games, logs the scores, and keep things fun.

People who insist on being disrespectful to the league may be immediately removed from the league.

The Admin Team And What They Are Responsible For (Forum name in parenthesis)

GENS - Brett (addisonbr)

SNES - Darrell (Halifax)

Responsibilities of the Admin Team:

1 - Make sure coaches are playing their games by the given checkpoints

2 – Post in forums the names of all coaches behind schedule three (3) days before a checkpoint to remind them to play games

3 - Replace coaches who have become "inactive"

4- Resolve any issues or differences coaches may have with games played

5- Adjust playoff seeding if DNPs and/or FFs cause coaches to have an unfair seeding (this will be determined at the discretion of the Admin Team)

Inactivity and Replacement

Classic ’94 League is a 30-game season to be completed over 10 weeks. Coaches must play and log at least six (6) games per every two (2) week checkpoint.

Three (3) days before a checkpoint, players who are behind schedule will be reminded with a post in the forums of the checkpoint. Coaches who are behind schedule can be replaced at ANY time after the deadline.

Any game on the schedule may be played and count towards the checkpoint. Games may be played ahead of schedule and we encourage it!

The Admins will always have flexibility to make judgment calls. Coaches should contact Admins ahead of time about planned vacations, etc. when they know they will be away for some time. As long as these situations are brought to the Admins’ attention in advance, you will probably be able to work something out.

*** Replacement coaches will get extra time to catch up to the checkpoints ***

Did Not Plays (DNPs) and Forfeits (FFs)

At the end of the season, unplayed games will be converted into DNPs or FFs depending on the situation. The Admins will make judgment calls all cases.


Playoff format will be determined once leagues are finalized.

Netplay Setup & Guidelines

1 - Talk to your opponent through the forum, email, or AIM, and decide when to play and which emulator / server to use.

2 – Home team generally hosts the game, but if a clean connection is an issue the visiting team may host.

3 - Log the score on the website after the game.


If a game becomes desynced or crashes, note the time and score and replay the remainder of the game on the reset. Coaches should agree on the time and score before the game is restarted.

If game-affecting lag occurs at any point, the game should be paused and the coaches should decide whether to continue on or not. If more than one minute has elapsed or if one team is ahead by two goals or more, the game is “officially underway” and coaches will follow the same course as for a desynced game above.

If the game is less than a minute old and neither coach has a two-goal lead, the game is void and it can be fully replayed at a later date when a better connection is established.

Logging Games

Scores will be logged in the NHL94.com forums. Instructions will be distributed once the leagues are finalized.

Waiting List

The waiting list will be publicly available and frequently updated.

Thanks and Good Luck!

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I'm in the process of sending out emails to all coaches who've signed up through nhl94online.com. This email is indicating where coaches can find the rules and sign up topics.

If you did not receive an email by saturday March, 22nd....chances are I either don't have it...or I have it spelled incorrectly. Please send me a PM with your email address and your AIM screename (so I know who you are)...and I'll make sure the list gets updated.

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