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i usually play 94 while drinking. its a quick and fun way to get drunk!

me and my friends play 2 vs 2 on my xbox and everytime your opponent scores on you, you and your teamate take a drink. its pretty effective seeing how the scores are usually 10+ per side.. oh yeah, we also drink at the end of each period and during injuries.

anyone else use nhl94 to get drunk?

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Beer b***h:

Player who loses by being shutout or outscored by 10 or more goals.

That player must fetch beers for the night for everyone until a new beer b***h is born.

Some drinking rules we follow:

1 drink on every whistle.

2 drinks for being scored upon

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I always thought it made a bit more sense to take a drink each time you scored :D

Evens things out a bit.. and why not celebrate!

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Beer tip:

You American guys have no sense of beer ;)

either you drink a Bud or you guys show off with a Heineken (catpiss)

Try and get your hands on Duvel or Westmalle Triple!!!!

Drink 3 of either one of them...and you be able to score a hattrick with every teammember in your squad.

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