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What's up with 2on2.org? I was navigating through the website a little bit through a link to the FAQ: http://www.2on2.org/faqs/faqs.asp

Would anyone have a problem if I built / maintained a website for the 2012 2on2 Winter Classic?

I am currently in the process of earning a masters degree in Computer Science. Submitted my last final exam yesterday, so I have some extra time on my hands for the next few weeks.

I think this would be a great way to learn SQL and advanced web design.

Here's a couple other websites I've done:

bradbershad.com (which is currently undergoing a major overhaul)


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choose your language carefully...

ASP.NET is sort of the dark side.. you become powerful quickly.. but..

PHP I think gives you better experience and options, long term.

Or you could try Python, but I don't know much about using python for websites / web apps.

Anyway, be sure to look into the ramifications before you start, so you know what path you're getting on!

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