Classic League Offsides On SNES

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I'd be up for it.

With Kudelski's idea, you'd have to play a relatively small number of games (I'd call it something like the Micro-Management League or something) because each one would take a little longer (of course small to me is like...a 50-game season).

I'd also do it with the juiced rom or something, because then offensive and defensive awareness is maxed out, resulting in (at least I think) better CPU offsides recognition.

Another thing that you have to understand is that the CPU plays very similar with offsides off as it does with it on - it's really a half-assed AI system - which probably best emulates the two-line pass rule, but not the offsides rule. So you have some limitation on forward progression from the defensive zone, but it's not like a 180 foot tape-to-tape pass will ensue, and that might be the best for arcadey-style play.

But yeah, I have no problem with bringing in offsides for a league.

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Line changes would be so awesome and id love it. but its useless with a juiced rom.

Unless there was a special line change rom, where each team was balanced with weak-medium-strong players. (each team having different balance)

So there is still the element of strategy with your lines depending who you face, but theres no weak teams with dis-advantages like the classic rom.

Would take alot of time tho, planning a perfectly balanced team for every team but with different aspects.


Team A strong checking line weak scoring line

Team B strong scoring line weak checking line

still balanced...just differently....anyways you get the idea

Still want a draft league tho..

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I prefer offside on.

When I first started in the leagues I was shocked that offside was not on.

I had played with offside on always back in the day.

But it slows the game down. Whatever.

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Classic is so slow to me nowadays.

I'm so used to a deke taking three frames instead of like ten.

Yup slow.

100% rating for every team is more fair.

Classic rom. Bah. Old. "but of course I respect it."

Hopefully Gary Bettman one day makes the better change and retires this old rom.

There are really shitty slow teams like Ottawa, Tampa Bay, San Jose and Florida.

If your a fan of these team and want to play as them. Puss speed.

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Sweet: Im down for whatever the people want, we can take a vote on wheter to make it juiced, classic, 5 or 10 mins etc, i just want to know whos interested in an offsides on league, if your interested just let me know and we can all create the rules by vote together:






Bob Kudelski

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Blowouts get ugly with 10 min. :D

5 mins is good.

Same '94 roster with everybody at 100% rom or

90% if that makes it more realistic.

Let's get into 2008.

It's a more fair rom.

We have a better rom. The Cap rom.

Or someone make a rom with updated rosters.

I'll learn and get around to it one day.

If I work on some of the rom can I send what I've done to someone else through the computer?

Teamwork for the roster updates. I'll look after Vancouver, Metzgerism will look after San Jose.

So the main championship on this site will always be the classic? :P

I say that because of the nice site for the league.

Someone get that main Classic site up and running. wtf?

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Well soon I'm going to use NOSE to make a 100% gens rom off of the 2008 update on the site.

So that's simple enough - if we get NOSE for SNES we'll be freaking set. Hot to trot.

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me and metz did some test runs of offsides on 5 mins, both good games, the only problem is with the cap/juiced rom is the penalties. If there was a way we could do a mod that puts offsides on but pens off, that would be great, but doesnt seem too possible:( Thats why i said classic 16 teams so people get a good pick and the crappy 8 are out (unless of course someone feels balsy, cough jeff cough)


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For more people we could use a mass recruitment drive, and you should talk to Evan about it to see if it's something we want to do right now. Evan can set up a sub-forum for you, but you'll want to make a site to show him what you want to do ( is a great option).

Capitalism League is in transition to second round, and Classic League appears to be waiting for deadlines. However, that's two leagues going down right now that you'll have to work around to get the SNES guys to come out. Personally, I love more games, but it's almost always against the same people.

For some of us, joining this isn't tough - that's for sure - but you might get a league that is effectively only 10 people.

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  • 3 months later...

I got GENS working with an offsides-on, penalties-off setup - visually there are issues (the referee image scrambles), but everything remains the same as in a penalties on game, except penalties do NOT result in sin-bin time (there is both 6-on-5 time and penalty shots, which I believe are not bad to keep).

Unfortunately, there are issues with CPU players working on the line...I've adjusted offensive and defensive awareness so that skaters remain behind the blue line - but with those stats, they actually honor the blue line better with offsides OFF - kinda weird.

The gameplay is a little bit stop-start - something I want to try and avoid for cap league.

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