Where can I get a NHL '94 Genesis rom with white ice?

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That would take about 30 seconds in NOSE.

I suggest you download the ROM and NOSE from the downloads page and spend the extra few minutes to learn how to use that program instead of having one of us do it.

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The problem with having a light colored or white ice color is that it clashes with other objects..Genesis's pallet is so narrow that players uniforms; home whites, clash and can make things really hard on the eyes because there's no gradation in the hues.

So at first it seems like EA was high on blue water or something (that kind that makes you high) but it looks like they got it right.

And MegaSvensk: you can use NOSE to change the ice color to your liking.

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I saw in the downloads section that there's an Olympics 2006 version but that one's for the SNES. Is there one available for Genesis too? I thought I might try making a 2008 IIHF World Championships version from it.

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