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Mini '93 Tourney - Schedule, Scores, Standings


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Here's the Mini '93 Tourney web page I set up. Coaches and schedules are up there as you'll see.

Coaches should post scores right here in this topic. And if it's not to much to ask please keep your teams record in one post. It will save me time and help keep things clean; as all records are hard coded.

Dudes better have extra foil for D-Manson when I'm out there, with a fighting rating of 85 he pulls no punches (oy the pun it hoits me).

Aaand have your tender wear extra long johns for his 100 shot power attribute: which will be raining down pain drops - precipitation, forecasts, weather - from the dewpoints (ooyyy).

Good luck everybody.

* Games in maroon have been updated in the standings.

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Woooo...can't wait to get underway.

I'll be available from tomorrow night on to play these games...and even though I'm not expecting to contend for a 2nd round spot, you better stay the heck away from Bob Probert...he will PWN you!

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Tonight as well as getting more GDL games in, I'm gonna look to get these games in...so hit me up. If you don't know my AIM by now, you should be ashamed of yourself :(

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Edmonton 5

Detroit 3

Detroit 4

Edmonton 3 (OT)

gg's...btw, Probert is currently 1-0-1 in fights :(

Probert v. Manson (Draw)

Probert v. Tikkanen (Probert wins)

BOS 3 @ DET 7

Yzerman's double hat trick leads Wings to win over upstart Bruins.

Fight: Bob Probert d. Vladimir Ruzicka

DET 9 @ BOS 6

The defenses stayed in bed today as Federov lights Moog up for 5 goals. Yzerman added a hat trick. Cam Neely's 4 goals not enough as Boston falls.

Fight: Bob Probert d. Don Sweeney

A funny note: In game 1...Andy Moog somehow scored off an attempted pass that somehow got by Tim "Huge Five Hole" Cheveldae.

DET 6 @ WSH 5 (OT)

Yzerman's 4 leads the Red Wings to a thrilling OT victory! Bondra and Ridley had a pair for the Capitals, who were hampered by Hatcher being KO'ed for the game after losing a fight w/Bob Probert.

Fight: Bob Probert d. Kevin Hatcher (Hatcher out for rest of game)

WSH 5 @ DET 7

Not only did Probert score a pair, but he was named 2nd star of the game. Detroit nearly coughed up a 5-1 lead, but held it together down the stretch.

Fight: Bob Probert d. Kevin Hatcher (Short, yet exciting rematch)


Bob Probert Fight Record: 5-0-1

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EDM 7 @ CHI 4

Deft passing set up Klima for a pseudo 1 timer to seal it, and for good measure Manson put the hammer down on Chellios.

PIT 1 @ EDM 5

Edmonton filled thy horns with oil and Klima wore his super man undies to the game, which obviously propelled the Oil to a run away victoly.

McTavish had his mustache wax and hair spray ready on the bench to increase his ratings but he couldn't find the score sheet, still his hair looked faaabulous.

EDM 1 @ PIT 3

Tocchet was the key factor in the game. It was so obvious that he had the refs on his book as the Oil was on the pk the entire game.. Looking at the winks the ref kept giving (his one pixel was out of place) Tocc it was no mystery that the game was decided before it even started.

CHI 2 @ EDM 4

D-Manson rocked Smiths world with the hardest love tap ever in the history of history. The Roenicks tried to huff and puff the house down with slap shots but the Oil kept them from cashing in; despite madd penalties and a 5 on 3.


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A funny note: In game 1...Andy Moog somehow scored off an attempted pass that somehow got by Tim "Huge Five Hole" Cheveldae.

Just curious: did it say "HAT TRICK!" when Moog scored? It did when I scored with Tom Barrasso.

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Okay, I'm 100% moved into my new place and am ready to resume the '93 tournament.

Bob Probert and the Red Wings welcome all remaining challengers to their doom :P

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Regretfully I have to announce the Mini '93 Tourney didn't pull through.

It was foreseeable from the outset; but I thought, perhaps naively, that a tournament like this would be feasible; despite it's relative lack of popularity in comparison with the hallowed NHL'94. Things became terminal when all the inital glittery novelity dissipated, and a ominous chalk line formed... right about the time the tournament started.

But hey it was fun while it lasted, even if you could pack all that fun into a fun sized Mr. Goodbar wrapper.

And with that I pull the proverbial sheet over the tournament. In closing I'd like to thank everyone who played as well. Since I wasn't made aware of any apparent scheduling of games there will be no forfeits. All remaing unplated games will be marked as DNP's (did not play). Since I don't feel enough games were played; (I was hoping each coach could play half (7)), there will be no playoff.

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