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Ok Im new to emulation software

Manual Goalie

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OK I know this is probably lame to most of you, but Im not really computer savvy, however I finally got my gens emulator to play NHL 94... I do have some questions though....

As far as the graphic settings for Gens goes there's quite a few options and Im not sure where to set them at.

What is the Render option all about? and which should I use ie, "Normal" "Double" "Interpolate" "Scanline 25%" "Scanline 50%" etc etc etc.

Also Should I have sprite limit on or off...what is it anyway?

And what is Vsync?

Any help here would be great. Oh yeah and any suggestions on controllers would be great as well.


Manual Goalie

P.S. Once I figure out the technical part of it I would love to beat....I mean uh "play" anyone online (I have no equal in this game) :)

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Re:rendering.... Normal and Double only makes a difference in Windowed mode. If you run in Full screen mode, there is no visible difference.

Scan lines basically give you a TV like look & feel when playing on your monitor.

The other blitters add smoothing effects to the graphics... I personally don't like it.... normal is more authentic.

Turn off Stretch....

Turn on Vsync.... basically reduces graphics tearing in fast moving games....

As for controllers, I uses a Playstation2 to USB converter for my PC... its nice as you can use the analogs sticks to input the digital pad movements which works well.

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Thanks for the input.

I do appreciate it.

I have no problem running the normal genesis version of the game.....

but boy oh boy am I lost when it comes to the sega CD version.

I have no idea where to save all these files to...in a new folder? in the gensemu folder?.......do I extract all the .rar folders individually? ...or just the first one like Evan's read me file says? Where do I extract all the music files to? Is there fmv in the emulation version? ugh so many questions just to get the game running...Im not even trying to edit orburn the damn thing...I just want to play it!


I am so lost and I want to play the sega cd version so badly.

Any help would be great...thanks

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Also under the 'CPU' menu turn on the 'Perfect Synchro (SLOW)'

That did the trick


Now all I need to do is figure out how to slow down the sound on Gens...and get the music tracks loaded on there and it'll be perfect.

Thanks a bunch.

P.S. is the Sega CD version supposed to be much faster than the regualr Genesis version?

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