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Hey everyone. First post, first attempt at hacking NHL 94, but I'll try to be as detailed as possible.

I'm creating a ROM for use with an NHL 94 fantasy hockey draft league I am running with a few people from an NHL 08 league this summer. I have managed to update the player colors and center ice logos, but that's it. Before I go any further, here is what I am using:


Tile Layer Pro

Hex Workshop

MS Paint (for that old-school feel)

wboy's 30 Team Rom

So I have 8 teams signed up so far, including myself, and I've managed to get them all working fine with the center ice logos intact. However, I am at a loss as to what to do with the startup banners, the startup logos, and the intermission/playoff banners.

Following Evan's guide, I attempted to edit the hex values for the startup banners; however, this did nothing. I changed the values for the Anaheim Ducks from 0000 0042 (Black and Green) to 004A 0002 (Orange and Green) in Hex Workshop, but when I loaded up the ROM in Gens, the banner was still the same color. I am 99.9 percent positive that I edited the right values for the startup banners, because the other codes (I.E. the codes for other banners relative to the Anaheim banner) are in the same location as in Evan's screenshots. I also checked the playoff and intermission screens to make sure I didn't edit those banners by mistake, but they were also the original banners. I'm really stuck and I want my ROM to look as polished as possible. I'm sure someone here must be able to help me out.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

P.S. On a side note, I'm using the 06-07 rosters that are currently included with wboy's Rom, but if anyone here has a copy of the 07-08 rosters, I would be much appreciative. Again, thanks in advance.

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Hey nbphilly,

Welcome to the community. As far as your question, I believe wboy's 30-team ROM changed the way the startup banners were used. My tutorials were using a non 30-team ROM with default hex offsets. The 30-team ROM probably has different offsets and possible different handling of the colors as well.

I'm sure some other guys here will have more info.


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Alright, I figured out the intermission/playoff banners. I just edited them in TLP. I'm assuming that I have to do the same thing with the startup banners. Now I just have to find the right offset.

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Yea, I think most ROMs using the 30-team patch just keep the "home" and "away" banners with only the colors changing. TLP works great when you finally understand it.


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