Where Can I Host a League?

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As I mentioned in this thread:


I am starting a fantasy NHL 94 league for a few guys I play in an NHL 08 league with, in order to pass time over our summer offseason. The league is just a draft league based on the 06-07 rosters that came with wboy's 30 team ROM, except everyone is allowed to choose their own team name, colors, and logo. It should be a pretty fun time.

Anyway, where can I host a league like this with some degree of automation? I really want the league to take off but I don't like the idea of having to maintain everything manually as it will be the summer and I don't want it to take up a ton of my free time. I found a site, www.leaguedaddy.com, that seems to suit my needs but it costs money. I'm willing to drop the cash on it if I have to I guess, but I'd first like to see if there are any free alternatives out there. This is my first foray into online NHL 94 gaming, so I figured somebody here would be more knowledgeable than I about the subject and be able to help me out.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Also, if you care, here is a link to the signup thread for the league on my NHL 08 league site:


im not sure what you are asking exactly.....if you want my advice having started a league myself: get ready for a ton of work get some guys to help you because you cant do it alone.

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I don't believe anyone has come up with a league generator yet, although the technology is there. Over at the tecmo super bowl forums they do have a site which automates new leagues. It would be nice.

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A league generator is something I was hoping to have for everyone here, but currently does not exist. Right now new leagues websites are being managed and maintained by the guys who run them.

On that note, who wants to help me get a league generator started?


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