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hey guys!

I'm a snes player and i just finished the capitalism league and will be done the classic league soon.

I took an interest in gens, ive been playing with the classic gens rom and adjusting to it, and mainly to try out the leagues gens has to offer that snes doesnt.

I signed up and sungod said im second on a waiting list.

I tried to download kaillera but the link on this site is broken and i dont know where to get it.

So if someone can direct me to it, that would be great!!! also if theres anything else i need to know about gens,

that info would be greatly appreaciated!


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Here's a link to the Gens 32 Surreal emulator. It comes with kaillera so you don't have to download any extra software. Just extract and play:

Also, if you're looking for a league, my fantasy draft league might be for you. It's got a lot of guys who have never played NHL 94 online before, so it would be a good league for you to adjust to the Gens version of NHL 94 in. The info can be found in this thread:

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Here's the link to the latest version of the p2p kaillera client (which also supports client-server connection mode):

It *might* cause problems if you try to connect with guys who have the November version. If it does, just try and get them to send you their version, because I think the November version is the one that most guys have at this point.

Just stick it in the same folder as your Gens. Don't bother with a fancier version of Gens than the original for at least a little while. If you want to, you can try something like Gens32 or GensPlus after that, but for now, vanilla is probably your safest option.

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wow thanks a bunch fellas. your a great help.

now i got the kaillera client open...but it gives me an error when trying to request the server lists... =[

whats the dealio? i opened DMZ, so its not a port forwarding issue.

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