and on the eight day he said let their be ga

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Gens - Snes: Clockwise:

jesusplaysnhl94 (9:23:23 PM): the peneted man will pass

jesusplaysnhl94 (9:23:26 PM): a wise man once said

jesusplaysnhl94 (9:23:46 PM): then the guy was like

jesusplaysnhl94 (9:23:55 PM): "i need a version which one do i play?"

jesusplaysnhl94 (9:24:03 PM): and this onld knight guy was like

jesusplaysnhl94 (9:24:09 PM): "choose wisely"

jesusplaysnhl94 (9:24:13 PM): and the guy picked snes

jesusplaysnhl94 (9:24:27 PM): and the old guy was all like "you have chosen poorly"

jesusplaysnhl94 (9:24:31 PM): and his face melted off

CLICK --> The NHL '94 experiment, forensic study determines which version is superior once and for all

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