Dr. Pizza will call the Semi-Finals and Finals for both Dynasty and Toilet Cups.

Guest Dr. Pizza

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Guest Dr. Pizza

Okay everyone, id like to apologize for not recording the first round.. i found out what had happen, and a big mental error on my part.

My mic was turned almost all the way down. >.<

So now i tested Snagit, and it works 100 percent =) So ill have no problems calling it.


What i do, is i join in as Player 3, and simply im a spectator, but as you both play, i record and commentate with a program called snag it. and then i save the files. :lol: In order for the game to work out right for me, please begin the game, but not playing on the ice. meaning.. not the main screen menu.. but the on ice main screen menu.. aka the pause menu. because thats when i do my alignments on it to record the footage.

Also, i have all kinds of messengers and ways of getting a hold of me

MSN is allan_iii@charter.net

Yahoo is dr_p1zza

AIM is Dr P1zza

MySpace/Skype is allancaesar

Xfire is drp1zza

and Steam is drp1zza

Im very easy to get a hold of. hell... if im not on my PC at the moment, you can even call my house at 1-989-754-9547, but when you call, make sure you tell me right away your from the Dynasty League, and if Long Distance is not free, just tell me that your ready, and if im home, ill stop everything and help record the series.

Sungod really wants these recorded, and i know Vocal, boknowsnhl, and Carse would too, along with Hokee and others.

Ill post my work of games ive done before in the past.

Also, im tempted to record audio for the 5 game series between Montreal Canadiens and New York Rangers again, but there wouldnt be any crowd sounds. Would you guys still want me to? i deleted the files off my pc, but i can recover them easily with GetDataBack.

Later =) ill post the games ASAP so you can see my work!

PS I better get in this league for next season >.> and if there's any other leagues out there who want there s**t called, IM me, i cant do ZSNES though because ZSNES Battle only allows 2 players. so sorry for any SNES NHL 94'ers out there *and i love that version just as much too* =)

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Great idea, i have heard past commentaries. However, i foresee lag issues with the joining of the 3rd player. Also, what about p2p?

I agree with Sebe, would be great if you called. How about we record the game through kaillera and then send you the file? It would cause no lag issues and you could commentate the game offline anytime you wanted to.

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Guest Dr. Pizza

There is never any lag when i join the games, ive never once had a lag problem with the 2 guys. EVER... i swear to god. lol

And also im the one who knows how to record the s**t right. so id rather you let me do it.. just tell me when you guys are ready to go! and please NONE OF YOU.... NO ONE FORGET ABOUT HAVING YOUR PLAYOFFS RECORDED!

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