Decision on Expansion

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Guys a really took the time to think about the whole expansion idea and the move to maybe putting a "A" conference "B" conference. I took into account that the league was split on this with pretty much an 8 to 8 split on the question. Howeevr the vets are the core and they were unanimously against. That being said sometimes the right answer isn't always the popular one.

my beliefis that expansion was crucial to the growth of the game and the league. however i realise this can be argued against. There is 8 leagues that will be in operation by season 2. therefore its less of a priority to expand the league.

I do think that the league could expand by 4 teams however as carse and others pointed out it may slow down the league by reducing the replacement pool. That being said there have been 6 guys on the current waiting list waitng pateinently to jump aboard. there will be no change in the format , therefor no "A" confernece "B" conference

You guys see my dilema .

so here is my decision

There will be 2 teams added this year, there is no other plan for expansion past this year unless the witing list exceeds 10. To grow the game i will be adding a page called the Dynasty Dev league. It will be a developmental league where the guys on the waiting list can play each other and have a record of there scores and stats. i hope to attract at least 6 to this lesague and i hope for them to be a mix of noobs and slightly experienced players who act as a feeder for coaches who quit.

i think this is a fair compromise and will allow for the league to continue to move quickly we have 16 great owners and now we have added 2 more be nice to them. They will be named shortly

guys i cant please everyone i made a tough decision and i hope you all can understand im not paid to do this. i made the best decision for the league taking into account the opinion of all

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Nice work Sungod. A very fair compromise.

You put in an unreal amount of time and thought into something that doesn't pay you back monetarily. We all greatly appreciate. That goes for all the commish's, DBA's etc.

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