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Hi, first post on this site. I've been playing '94 for a long time on both systems, but of course the Genesis one is the pinnacle.

I'm always on the look out for new hockey games but I keep coming back to NHL '94. After trying out all the games after '94, the first thing that EA lost was the great physics and speed of '94. Every game after just kept getting faster and more unrealistic where it didn't feel like you had real momentum or were skating on ice. NHL '96 and on are too fast to enjoy. Also another problem I have now with hockey games is the inclusive of the offensive speed burst. It just doesn't feel right to be tapping speed burst with the puck.

But the one thing that NHL '94 had that I don't think any game since has had is the huge amount of user records. In '94 there is a record for every player on every team as well as team scoring records and crowd meter records. That fact hardly ever gets mentioned and the reviews of new hockey games never request that type of feature. It seems that the masses have mostly forgotten about how good the records from '94 are. It is one of the major reasons that I keep coming back to '94. I can break a new record every game, and it is so fun to get a bunch of friends to play on the same cart and have user and player records all over the place to try to beat.

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I'm totally with you on NHL94 being the game to always come back to. I agree that the user records was a nice touch to the game. Matter of fact, we're going to have a really cool records section of nhl94.com soon, where anyone can send their records to me. Then they will hold that record until someone beats them.

I'll let everyone know when that's finally up and running.


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