Looking for Tournaments - Chicagoland area

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Hey everyone

Awesome site. I used to frequent the old http://members.shaw.ca/nhl94/nhl94main.htm site which is no longer up. I probably spoke with a few of you, I was the guy who released the nhl 94 version with blood.

I'm looking for people who are up for a game and live somewhat near Vernon Hills outside of Chicago, IL. There's three of us who play at least every other Saturday (or whenever there's a good boxing match on).

We're good guys. There's me, Patrick, I'm 26, my brother Keith 33, Mark 33, and Buddy (a Dachshund) who's about 6. The night usually involves a lot of beer, food, and cursing. We convene at a nice condo with a big TV, playing a modified Sega-CD hockey through a JVC X'eye. Anyone who comes is allowed to stay the night. We'd love to have other players join us, all ages shapes and sizes.. The more the better.

Post back if you're interested.



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Do you and your friends play online at all? The online community seems to be growing strong here with some really good competition.

I'm from Chicago and might know some people interested in some tournament action. I'll ask around. I know we live fairly close but it's a hell lot easier to play online than headin' out to the burbs.

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Hey fellas.

I would play online, but unfortunately the people I play with don't. Besides, there's nothing like real head to head in person action.

Even in the burbs, you're about 30-45 minutes away from us. It's not like it's a trek or anything... C'mon, get off your pc and head out. :) It's worth it when it comes to some hot, live, 94 action.

edit: Oh, and we're playing tonight if you're interested.

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