Wont be around for 2v2 or the tournament

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Alright, i will be gone for 7 days and leaving some time next week for a job i couldent refuse.

So i am NOT in-active!!!!

dont boot me from 2 on 2!!! i know its 3 days to be called in-active but i will be back and im avaible right this second.

Same thing goes for the tournament run by xdeath bloodx

I am here for the rest of tonight, and tomorrow night. then depending when i leave during the days/evenings this week until i leave.

This shouldent affect any of the leagues im in (FVHL, Classic)

and of course capitalism doesnt matter.

SO, if you wanna play games before i hit the road. Hit me up on AIM. ill be around.

(gihtarman is my aim for those who cant read lol)

This also (hopfully) wont affect the start of the SNES Draft League. My apologies if it does.

so msg me.

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