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Frozen Four College Hockey Tournament


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Minnesota v. St. Lawrence

Minnesota 2 @ St. Lawrence 4

St. Lawrence 4 @ Minnesota 2

Terrible start for the Gophers, who are now pretty much eliminated before the real tournament begins.

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Standings updated.

Don't give up SSIG, you can still pull it off.


Deadline for round robin is being pushed back to Sunday, July 13th. With the 4th of July weekend and the working week I think a few days will help everyone get their games in.

Good Luck and have fun :D

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I have to win out to have a chance. Remember, this is SSiG we're talking about. :P

I'm capable of winning two or three games, but unless the opponents are absolute garbage (which they aren't), I do not believe I'm capable of a big run. I figure I'm gonna be doomed to 3rd or 4th in the region.

As for my availability: I will be available later tonight. Just catch me when I don't have an away message up, even if it means being a dirty little stalker. :P

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With the extension I'm no longer going to give more time to complete. If you have any missed games, I will look and see who has given the most effort to get their games in, and divide the forfieted points equally to all teams in their bracket.

Later Tonight I will post the FROZEN FOUR, along with who is playing who and a deadline. The semi-finals are a best of 5.

GL and get those games in.

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AIM IM with Magus9787/13/08 9:28 PM

salembaseball7: hey, do you have time to get our games in tonight?

magus978: Frozen Four?

salembaseball7: yea

magus978: I'm forfeiting to you.

salembaseball7: ok

magus978: I don't have the energy or patience to play them. kupuck already knows

so just post 1-0 wins for yourself both ways 

salembaseball7: ok

salembaseball7: haha, ok will do

salembaseball7: thanks

Is this all right with everybody?

He's Minnesota, I'm Michigan St.

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U-MASS never played?

Change in plans. I was wanting to advance this thing along so I was going to split up JimCraig's games into forfiets, but I forgot I had someone on the waiting list. Sorry flamingpavel, I'm giving you U-Mass and you can have up until Tuesday to complete your games. Round two, aka the Frozen Four, will continue on Monday.


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Confirmed, get your games in as fast as you can, I don't think I'll enforce you for tonight's deadline because that time slot is a little unfair for you and the other players. I'd also rather determine the outcome of the games by actually having them played.

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I'm sorry it's taking so long for us to advance on to the next round. So in all fairness to the guys in the East Regional Pool and the guys who have already advanced, Flamingpavel has until Tuesday July 22nd 11:59 EST to complete his games.

Flamingpavel-Sorry but it's been a week since you've taken over and three weeks since this tournament started. I know I didn't give you a set deadline, but it's only fair to the other guys in the tournament.

Thanks for the patience everybody.

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OK! Moving on, Sorry for the long wait everybody.

Sorry FPB, we got to move this thing along.

U-Mass's games to NDU and SCSU are forfeited, but for OT wins to keep things fair since I had to be the only one smoked.

East Regional Bracket W L OTW OTL Pts

Boston University 3-3-0-0 Pts - 9 Advance

U-Mass Forfeit

Notre Dame 2-2-2-0 Pts. - 8 Advance

St. Cloud State University 1-3-2-0 Pts. - 5

Mid-West Bracket W L OTW OTL Pts

Michigan University 5-0-1-0 Pts 17 ADVANCES AS TOP SEED

Michigan State University 3-3-0-0 Pts 9

University of Minnesota 0-6-0-0 Pts 0

St. Lawrence University 3-2-0-1 Pts 10 ADVANCES


Best of 5 Series

The game format is like this

Games 1&2 - 1 seed is home(so BU and Michigan)

Games 3&4(4 if necessary) - 2 seed is home

Game 5(if necessary) - 1 seed is home

East Series-Boston University(1) vs St Lawrence Series(2) Boston wins Series 3-2

Gm. 1 Boston 4 St. Lawrence 3 OT

Gm. 2 Boston 4 St. Lawrence 3

Gm. 3 St. Lawrence 3 Boston 2

Gm. 4 St. Lawrence 2 Boston 0

Gm. 5 Boston 5 St. Lawrence 2

West Series-Michigan University(1) vs Notre Dame Series tied 0-0

Finals will be a best of 7.

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The University of Michigan Wolverines vs The Boston University Terriers

Best of 7 Series - Series Tied 0-0








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  • 2 weeks later...


Houlanov took the national title back to Ann Arbor, MI today in a Game 5 victory over the BU Terriers. The teams battled hard but Houlanov stood tall to take the title and it was well deserved.

Thanks to everyone who participated. It was fun, and hopefully next time we do this tournament we can expand it to a real frozen four tournament.

Congratulations to Houlanov who only lost 1 game throughout the tournament in OT. *Applause*


BU shovels home the Game 4 OT Winner to push it to a game 5.


Your 94 Forums NCAA National Champs!

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Congrats Houlanov!

Thanks for doing this guys. It was really nice to see one of my rooms used in a "league"!

Thanks to you too Inklings for the rom, it was a fun change of pace for some of us.


P.S. Hope the search for a new monitor is going well.

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