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I was able to jump in well after the original picks were made. I guess that means I can't win unless Jagr goes a few extra years after the rest are gone, as the count seems to not be who will be the last left but who will be active longest after being selected. weird technicality.

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I dont' know .. you could proabably still win with Jagr ?

The thing with Jagr though is he went and played 3 years in the KHL during non-lockout years.. he shouldn't be allowed to leave for that long and come back, because it messes with our pool. Maybe he didn't know about our pool? :lol:

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I'll be PMing my address to the rest of the participants. it would be great if you could all get the checks out by the end of the month. thanks, everybody!

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This a pool for fun and is open to ALL nhl94.com community members.

The forum member who's player is the last to play a regular season/playoff game in the NHL will be determined the winner and will receive all expenses paid vacation to hokkee's cottage.

The list will be updated every time a player has retired or left the nhl to play elsewhere.

list updated October 20 /14

1.Jaromir Jagr - Trudatman's pick


Nicklas Lidstrom - Dangler's pick eliminated May 31/12 1421 days

Alexei Kovalev - Dmac's pick eliminated Mar.21/13 - 1693 days

Roman Hamrlik - BobKudelski's pick eliminated Oct. 21/13 - 1929 days

Teemu Selanne - TubaHero's pick eliminated May 17/14 - 1812 days.

I'm only at 1329 days, so far. it looks like I won't be winning that aspect of this thing. there's a good chance Jagr plays one more year, but two seems like a stretch.

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Jaromir Jagr's one-year one-way 2016-2017 contract extension with the Florida Panthers is for $4,000,000.00 in base salary with up to $1,500,000.00 in games-played bonuses.

if he plays up until the end of the regular season next year, I shall win the time period, too. if he plays in the playoffs, I'll have won with a large margin, even though I jumped in and made my selection well more than two years later than most participants.

what a career! I have him rated a 95.4 for this season -- wow!

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two more assists in the man's professional hockey career.  you like apples?

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