Time to put out a restraining order on DrPizza

Guest Wags13

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unofficial pizza statistics

2 Douchebags

2 b*tch

8 d*ck or d*ckhead

4 BS

8 sh*t

3 f*g

5 *ss or *sshole

and 70 words with f*ck in it.

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LMFAO @ "You're lucky i'm not black or mexican, or else i'd come over to your house and shoot you" :o:lol:

He's insane, but funny as all hell

*edit-just read another thread about the pics he posted, yeah he cuckoo :(

the boy ain't right- i wonder what he drinks/smokes before these rants?

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he has autism jrod. if you knew about the condition, would know that he doesnt need anything to bring it on. its very unfortunate that he has no control over it.

This type of behavior he exhibits is not symptomatic of autism; reserved or reclusive, awkward social interactivity that can be exacerbated by, and can go hand and hand with agoraphobia.

Whatever the case; he's since registered another account (guess who) and his posting privileges have been suspended indefinitely.

Please don't post any more topics of his videos on the forum.

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One can rant and rant as they please, but until they act out upon their rants, they cannot be taken seriously.

That's all I'm going to add.

Random Observation: Yay 555th post.

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