update on dynasty league!

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me and wags made it into the league, we gotta play a best of 3 series to see who gets the first pick in the expansion draft. i've been a bum all day, chillen by my comp, he hasnt been on yet today though.

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hi guys, to answer the question hokee here is whats up

-the ddl tournament is done and i would like to welcome stanish and wags to the dynasty great job in the tournament. I would like to thank Xdeath who handled and over saw the entire tournament great job man.

-expansion draft is the next thing on the menu. there is no protected list. however any coach may put players on the expansion list for the pupose of getting rid of them (bad contracts, scrubs ect....) . However stanish and wags are not forced to pick anyone up.

-rookie draft is 2 rounds and i will have tyhe timetable this week. i am leaning to a gdl type draft and not a live draft.

-free agent biding/blind bidding will take place after again in blocks like last year. if you are unfamiliar with how the blind bidding works please refer to the bidding section.

- set up of new db and new rom. i am working on the rom as we speak howeever i will need BO to make the new schedule.

once this is all done we can begin im hoping we can make start by august 1st or late july.

ddl- im hoping to get 9 teams in the ddl. i would hope that way we can assign 1 team to 2 dynasty owners making them the farm teams where you could see players perform and even call up mid season. if we cant recruit 3 more we just have a simple ddl season on the dynasty page with the rookies from the 96 and 97 rom.

any questions let me know

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