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VHL 94

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Hey everyone,

This hack is called VHL 94. It's kind of a niche hack but I figured the community here might find some enjoyment out of it anyway.

Basically, I'm in a hockey player sim league which is based on STHS (Simon T. Hockey Simulator). You create a player and then do various tasks around the league (such as writing articles about your player) to earn attribute points and make your player better. It's pretty neat, you can negotiate your player's contract with GMs, play in the World Cup, and win a bunch of different end-of-season awards if you're good enough.

Anyway, the league I'm in is called the VHL (Link for anyone interested). This ROM is based on that league, as you can probably guess by now. It has all 8 VHL teams, all 8 VHLM (minor league) teams, 2 All-Star teams, a number of historical/defunct teams, and the 6 World Cup teams. Every player that appears in the league on either a pro or minor league team is represented in the game, along with accurate attributes, numbers, and handedness. I update the rosters regularly (the next update should be sometime tomorrow as the trade deadline occurs at 6 PM EST) and I've completely replaced all 30 NHL teams with original logos and banners. I've dabbled in ROM hacking before, but this is the first hack that I've managed to pretty much redo everything. I started this project about two weeks ago.

The game has become pretty popular within the league community. If anyone sees people playing "VHL 94" on Gens Netplay, this is the game they're playing. It's not the best hack, but it is the best one I have ever done, so I feel compelled to share it with you all.

Special thanks to wboy for his 30 team rom and NOSE. None of this would have been possible without it. If you want to be in this game, feel free to head over to that league site and create a player :(

ROM file attached. Cheers.



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