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dalstarsfan's "Ultimate Guide to NHL 2002 Modding"

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Ok guys, let's get started

Assuming you already have either the CD based or iso based game ( I have both), here is what you need:

EA Graphics Editor

A picture of the jeresey you want to edit in (In this case, Dallas's "06 Bullhead" jersey

An idea of which jersey you want to replace (in this tut, we will focus on Dallas' Inagural Jersey)

Photoshop CS2 or CS3

First off, you want to open EA Graphics Editor.

Now go to your NHL 2002 root directory and point your windoes explorer towards the gamedat folder and the uniform.viv file.

Once this is open, we refer to this list for Dallas' jersey numbeR:

NHL 2002 Jerseys

Filname Team Jersey Type

uni0000- Anaheim (Home)

uni0001- Anaheim (Away)

uni0002- Anaheim (Alternant White)

uni0010- Atlanta (Home)

uni0011- Atlanta (Away)

uni0020- Boston (Home)

uni0021- Boston (Away)

uni0022- Boston (Alternant #1)

uni0023- Boston (Alternant #2)

uni0024- Boston (Alternant #3)

uni0025- Boston (Alternant #4)

uni0030- Buffalo (Home)

uni0031- Buffalo (Away)

uni0032- Buffalo (Alternant Red)

uni0033- Buffalo (Alternant Black)

uni0034- Buffalo (Old School Blue)

uni0040- Calgary (Home White)

uni0041- Calgary (Away Red)

uni0042- Calgary (Alternant White)

uni0043- Calgary (Alternant, Red and White)

uni0044- Calgary (Alternant, All Red)

uni0045- Calgary (Altrenant, All Red #2)

uni0050- Carolina (Home)

uni0051- Carolina (Away)

uni0060- Chicago (Home)

uni0061- Chicago (Away)

uni0062- Chicago (Alternant Black/Red)

uni0063- Chicago (Throwback Red/Black/White)

uni0064- Chicago (Throwback White/Black)

uni0070- Colorado (Home)

uni0071- Colorado (Away)

uni0072- Colorado (Throwback Quebec Nordiques blue/white)

uni0080- Columbus (Home)

uni0081- Columbus (Away)

uni0090- Dallas (Home)

uni0091- Dallas (Away)

uni0092- Dallas (1994-1999 Jersey)

uni0100- Detroit (Home)

uni0101- Detroit (Away)

uni0102- Detroit (1890's throwback red/white)

uni0110- Edmonton (Home)

uni0111- Edmonton (Away)

uni0112- Edmonton (Early 90's)

uni0120- Florida (Home)

uni0121- Florida (Away)

uni0122- Florida (Alternant Blue/Red)

uni0130- Los Angeles (Home)

uni0131- Los Angeles (Away)

uni0132- Los Angeles (Alternant Purple/Black)

uni0133- Los Angeles (1990's Black and White)

uni0134- Los Angeles (Alternant Purple/Gold w/Crown Logo)

uni0140- Minnesota (Home)

uni0141- Minnesota (Away)

uni0150- Montreal (Home)

uni0151- Montreal (Away)

uni0152- Montreal (1990's Red, White, Blue)

uni0153- Montreal (1890's Red and White)

uni0160- Nashville (Home)

uni0161- Nashville (Away)

uni0170- New Jersey (Home)

uni0171- New Jersey (Away)

uni0172- New Jersey (Alternant #1)

uni0180- NY Islanders (Home)

uni0181- NY Islanders (Away)

uni0182- NY Islanders (Alternant Away)

uni0183- NY Islanders (Alternant Home)

uni0190- NY Rangers (Old School)

uni0191- NY Rangers (Old School Blue)

uni0192- NY Rangers (Alternant Blue with Statue of Liberty Logo)

uni0193- NY Rangers (Home)

uni0194- NY Rangers (Away)

uni0200- Ottawa (Home)

uni0201- Ottawa (Away)

uni0202- Ottawa (Alternant Black)

uni0203- Ottawa (Alternant Black #2)

uni0210- Philadelphia (Home)

uni0211- Philadelphia (Away)

uni0212- Philadelphia (Alternant Red)

uni0213- Philadelphia (Altrenant Red #2)

uni0220- Phoenix (Home)

uni0221- Phoenix (Away)

uni0222- Phoenix (1990's Winnipeg Jets Home)

uni0223- Phoenix (1990's Winnipeg Jets Away)

uni0230- Pittsburgh (Home)

uni0231- Pittsburgh (Away)

uni0232- Pittsburgh (Alternant Black)

uni0233- Pittsburgh (Alternant Black #2)

uni0234- Pittsburgh (Alternant White with "Pittsburgh" written down the chest)

uni0240- St. Louis (Home)

uni0241- St. Louis (Away)

uni0242- St. Louis (Alternant Blue/Orange)

uni0243- St. Louis (Alternant White)

uni0244- St. Louis (Alternant Blue/Gold)

uni0250- San Jose (Home)

uni0251- San Jose (Away)

uni0252- San Jose (1994 Home Jersey)

uni0253- San Jose (1994 Away Jersey)

uni0260- Tampa Bay (Home)

uni0261- Tampa Bay (Away)

uni0262- Tampa Bay (Alternant Blue)

uni0270- Toronto (Home)

uni0271- Toronto (Away)

uni0272- Toronto (Alternant White)

uni0273- Toronto (Alternant White #2)

uni0274- Toronto (1890's Blue)

uni0280- Vancouver (Home)

uni0281- Vancouver (Away)

uni0282- Vancouver (Alternant Red)

uni0283- Vancouver (Alternant White)

uni0284- Vancouver (Alternant Gold)

uni0285- Vancouver (Alternant White with hockey stick logo)

uni0286- Vancouver (Alternant Blue with Hockey Stick logo)

uni0290- Washington (White)

uni0291- Washington (Away)

uni0292- Washington (Alternant Blue)

uni0293- Washington (1994 Red Jersey)

uni0294- Washington (1994 White Jersey)

We find that Dallas Inagural Jersey is uni0092. We point EA Graphics Editor towards TORS, since that is the jersey file itself. We then save this to the desktop, preserving the original file format and filename.

Next, open this jersey in photoshop and edit the jersey to your liking. Once you have it edited, save it and go back to EA Graphics Editor.

Next, go to tools>import wizard and hit import external file (first choice). This will import it to the viv file we are working with and it should automatically save it.

Next, boot up NHL02 and you should see your new jersey in the game!!

That is all, and I hope this helped. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have and I will try and answer them.

Until next time, this is dalstarsfan saying, have a nice day and happy modding!!

Edit: I forgot to mention to edit all the files in that jersey number archive (eg uni0001)

Edit Again: I also left off....in photoshop, change color mode to RGB so you can edit the jersey. then switch back to Indexed before you save.

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And Here a jersey list for the National teams aswell for the Allstar and Custom teams

Filname Team Jersey Type

uni0320- Eastern (Home)

uni0321- Western (Away)

uni0330- North America (Home)

uni0331- World (Away)

uni0340- Austria (Home)

uni0341- Austria (Away)

uni0350- Belarus (Home)

uni0351- Belarus (Away)

uni0360- Canada (Home)

uni0361- Canada (Away)

uni0362- Canada (Alternant Black/Red)

uni0370- Czech Republic (Home)

uni0371- Czech Republic (Away)

uni0380- Great Britain (Home)

uni0381- Great Britain (Away)

uni0390- Finland (Home)

uni0391- Finland (Away)

uni0400- France (Home)

uni0401- France (Away)

uni0410- Germany (Home)

uni0411- Germany (Away)

uni0420- Italy (Home)

uni0421- Italy (Away)

uni0430- Japan (Home)

uni0431- Japan (Away)

uni0440- Kazakhstan (Home)

uni0441- Kazakhstan (Away)

uni0450- Latvia (Home)

uni0451- Latvia (Away)

uni0460- Norway (Home)

uni0461- Norway (Away)

uni0470- Poland (Home)

uni0471- Poland (Away)

uni0480- Russia (Home)

uni0481- Russia (Away)

uni0490- Slovakia (Home)

uni0491- Slovakia (Away)

uni0500- Sweden (Home)

uni0501- Sweden (Away)

uni0510- Switzerland (Home)

uni0511- Switzerland (Away)

uni0520- Ukraine (Home)

uni0521- Ukraine (Away)

uni0530- USA (Home)

uni0531- USA (Away)

uni0540- EA Blades (Home)

uni0541- EA Blades (Away)

uni0542- EA Blades (Alternant #1)

uni0543- EA Blades (Alternant #2)

uni0550- EA Storm (Home)

uni0551- EA Storm (Away)

uni0552- EA Storm (Alternant #1)

uni0553- EA Storm (Alternant #2)

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Okay sorry again to bump my old topic, but I'm going to be reviving this with mods and tutorials for everyone. I'm currently redownloading the game (as my copy doesnt work anymore :( )  so itll be a bit. Since this was written, ive also gained experience in modelling and texturing so watch this space for more :)

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On 10/21/2018 at 5:26 PM, X--Factor Gaming said:

Okay sorry again to bump my old topic, but I'm going to be reviving this with mods and tutorials for everyone. I'm currently redownloading the game (as my copy doesnt work anymore :( )  so itll be a bit. Since this was written, ive also gained experience in modelling and texturing so watch this space for more :)

And we haven’t seen anything since this.

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