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SNES - Fall 2008 Classic League Signups!


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1) Please list your top 15 team choices, in order, from the Classic ROM's 26 teams.

2) Please list your preferred level of play:

A = Top League

B = Bottom League/Novices

(you may also list "A/B")

Please list your AIM screen name - you will not be added without one.

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League: B

1 - Calgary

2 - Quebec

3 - Chicago

4 - Detroit

5 - Pittsburgh

6 - Vancouver

7 - New Jersey

8 - Winnipeg

9 - Rangers

10- Buffalo

11- Boston

12- Toronto

13- Edmonton

14- Washington

15- Hartford

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B- League, and Metz I think we should play some test games to just kinda make sure my connection is A-ok.

1. Pittsburgh

2. St. Louis

3. Quebec

4. Montreal

5. LA

6. Boston

7. Washington

8. Winnipeg

9. Hartford

10. Toronto

11. Vancouver

12. Calgary

13. New York Islanders

14. New York Rangers

15. Philadelphia

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Hokkee fan joining a SNES league?

A league please.






NY Rangers



After that i dont care who i receive....except! for the leafs and bruins. I refuse to play either of those teams.

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A/B league

1. Pittsburgh

2. Boston

3. St. Louis

4. Los Angeles

5. Montreal

6. Rangers

7. Calgary

8. Toronto

9. Detroit

10. Chicago

11. Washington

12. Quebec

13. Philadelphia

14. New Jeresey

15. Buffalo

You know who I am dammit!!!

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I hope this time the league will stick to its policy of not allowing non-active coaches to join



Cowon play your draft games..

Ay, wrong forum, but I should be telling you the same thing, along with xgrad and the chicken comrade.

1.Los Angeles



4.St. Louis





9.New Jersey




13.New York Rangers



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AIM: xgrad06

1) Chicago

2) Detroit

3) Winnipeg

4) Vancouver

5) Pittsburgh

6) Buffalo

7) New York Rangers

8) Quebec

9) Los Angeles

10) St. Louis

11) Calgary

12) Boston

13) Montreal

14) Toronto

15) Washington

Preferably A league please!

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It's a bit of a surprise to me, but it might be a good thing - only you, me, sarcdoc and tickenest are really into both sides of the game, so I don't mind if houli wants to isolate himself to GENS.

he's not done with SNES Draft is he?

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