2008-2009 Reebok EDGE jersey update preview

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Now with third jerseys!


Many thanks to http://icethetics.blogspot.com/ and http://www.jerseydatabase.com/blog.php?p=22 for images, descriptions, and speculations.

As many of these haven't been officially released, some of their colors and details still need work. Also, pants and socks details are mostly not available right now.

I don't think I'll be including the last Montreal jersey, unless someone really wants it.

Questions and comments are welcome.

Edit: New preview picture above, complete with sarcasm. I'm waiting for the releases of Los Angeles, the Islanders, Ottawa, San Jose (although they should be pretty predictable), and Phoenix. If they're not out by the time Triumph releases his roster update, I'll clean them up and release the jersey pack as is, with the option to redo them once they get released.

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Two jerseys leaked today.

Tampa Bay's is almost identical to what I already have. Maybe I'll toy with the "Bolts" text, but I don't think it can be improved beyond what's there. I'll add the shoulder emblems and call it a day. (Edit: done)

I'm pretty sure I can extend the orange on the Philly jersey to the sleeves while I make them more accurate. (Edit: also done)

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you seem to be the only one interested in this thread lol.

I dont play 95, but thats some good work you have done there.

keep it up

Well, at the latest count, 305 people were interested enough to click, and I can only take credit for being 200 of those. B):D

I played this game for so many years it holds a special place in my gaming heart, which is why I like to tinker with it.

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Well, since I'm talking to myself :D I'll tell myself that once again, the Official Logos of the Three Stars Reebok EDGE Jersey Update are provided by Johan Emanuelsson.

Johan Emanuelsson © -- You Never Knew PCX Logos Could Look So Good!

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