Please help with NHL 96 installation

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Im pretty sick right now and I think it would make this next week lying around a lot easier if someone can help me. The only way I can seem to get the installation to run is by copying the files to my c drive from the disc, an then installing it from there, but once I get through the install options to where it actually starts copying files, it does not work. How do I copy an image? I heard that works as opposed to just copying the files. Please elt me know how so I can make an image to use, and hopefully it willnot have the same file location error or whatever the heck is going on. I don't know, I am tired of trying to get this to work I have pnemonia and I am just sick of dealing with it lol. If anyone can help me it would make this next week a lot better. The PC version of NHL 96 has way way way more features and better gameplay than that of the gens/snes versions, I miss it a lot right now. My old computer doesnt run at all so thats out of the question. BTW I am on vista premium, yeah it blows, doesnt work on xp, either though :) The other thing is how exactly do I mount the image once I make it? God i wish someone could just give me directions for how to install it with dosbox, and I would do it easily. I am good at following instructions lol. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, I read the entire site's similar pages, and everything that was said I tried without success, except for making the image, that's what I think I need to do to get it to work and noone said how to do it. I wish there was a program I could just install it with easily, no problems. I just can't get it to work! ahhhhhhh whyyyyyyy

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I've never tried it on computer (xp) would freeze whenever I even tried to install it. But I have an older computer here that I play it on. I hadn't played it in awhile, but when I started playing it again I realized just how bad the game actually is. The AI is the worst of any in the series.

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God, two older comps one with win xp and one it works on with wibn 98, neither work at all. The win 98 pc has a virus, and was completely cleaned out, but the virus is still there somehow, so I cannot install windows 98 back onto it! It will not let me format the hard drive or anything, it actually says "cannot a disk with a virus" etc something similar. I have no idea what to do, if there is some trick to completely clean everything, my dad did it years ago when i was young, tired reformatting it and I am guessing he had the same problem, so we got a new computer.

If someone could help me or point me to where someone may know how to get rid of the virus and use that computer again, I would be so f***ing happy i would pay them if i had money lol man o man, I am going all out just to play NHL 95 or 96 on pc. I have both neither work on vista so far and so far dosbox has failed me. I just don't know what to do, I really needed a nhl 96 season run or something to add some fun to my life. There is nothing to do in michigan where i live so the cumputer has been my life for about 9 years, and video games for 5 more years before that (im 21). I have other interests and I am not really viewed as a geek, I don't get with all of the weird lingo I just am hooked on gaming. That's it and I can respect anyone else that loves playing. Well I am going to do a whole NHL 94 for Sega CD best of 7 p'offs tonight. I have just got it to work, and I am excited, I love the replays and the mid game stats, and the music rocks on sega cd! Its insane.

Sorry for rambling, I am sick with pnemonia so I am just lonely from laying in bed all week. Thanks all if anyone read it all lol and please feedback would be awsome

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Question - do you actually have an ISO image? Perhaps when you look at the CD, there is an ISO image on there?

Basically you need three things.

1) an ISO creator

2) an ISO mounter

3) your DosBox.

This would be quite simple if you used Linux, because you just need a couple commands and bam, you've got a working version of NHL96. As it stands, you'll have to google for some free Windows programs.

The Linux steps are:

1) Copy all the files on a CD to a fresh new folder

2) run the command: mkisofs -o /tmp/cd.iso /tmp/directory/ (replacing the /tmp/directory/ with the directory) - you replace this in Windows by downloading ISO creating software

3) Mount the ISO using the kernel loop module - you replace this in Windows by downloading ISO mounting software

4) Make sure you mounted the ISO into a place where you can mount it in DosBox

5) Have fun.

Don't know if this works, but it probably will. Sorry about the Michigan.

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Well I just spent some time trying it on my old xp 1 computer with no success. Every time I run the setup off the disc via dosbox after mounting it just gave me a blank screen on dosbox = setup.exe wont run. I am so worn out I am going to relax for a while, and later I will try what you said. I used to have a copy of a linux os on disc and I am sure if I am desperate I can download a free os, I am a computer apps major so I've taken classes on linux and op systems and programming etc so I am pretty good with them for the most part. Anyways, Thanks for the help, I will give it a shot later and try to find the right software. I am not sure exactly the commands needed however to mount the image once I have made an iso, but I am pretty sure I can easily find a iso file creator.

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A new problem. Yay. I actually got NHL 95 pc to install on dosbox, but when i run it is says the following".. wtf? omg. The 1st 2 tries didnt work now its started fine omg, wow I was about to type the error message and bam! Well I wish 96 would work and I am about to try out 95 and see if it plays well

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I Have problem. I have original cd nhl 1996, but when I instalation it say is cdromread - READ STATUS ERROR=ffff8103??? What is this???help please!!sorry but my english is bad

CD could be scratched

give me more information:

what did you do leading up to the error?

you put the CD in and then this error happened right away, or what? was there a title on the error window?

also, try googling the error in case someone else has solved it:

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