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The two sides of the CD case and the CD itself are the same price as three coasters. However, if it is a cartridge then you will likely be overpaying by 200%

I would save my 3 bucks and go to Ikea instead.

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I saw NHL 98 at a local thrift store for 3 bucks. I read online that you can actually slow the speed down on this game. Does that make it anything more like NHL '94?

If you're refering to the SEGA version...

No even at "low" speed it is still faster; about the same speed as NHL '96.

High speed mode is way too fast and I don't think I've tried that setting since I got the game for Christmas in '97.

Otherwise, the game is almost identical to NHL '96 (and I'm assuming '97 as well) except for one key annoying feature:

2 lines passes.

A 2 line pass will be called if the pass is over two lines even if the puck was ahead of you (i.e. if in the old NHL it was a legal strech pass, it would still be called a 2 line pass in this game.) The only way to negate the call is if you one-time it, which is annoying. Also the "handedness" of players are backwards (a player who was a lefty will be a righty) and the goalies catch with the opposite hand.

As you might have gathered, the game has many bugs and as far as I know its release was limited for the Genesis.

Still better than '95 though...

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