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Solution, that looks AWESOME! How did you increase the fighting amount per game? The only way I thought it'd be possible was to alter the crowd meter!

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call me 77

anyway i think it IS the crowd meter...

but just the fact that you have those type of players running around, no line changes, with no penaltys and 20 min periods...


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77, here is a link to a "guide" I found on the net regarding NHLPA 93.


One of the quotes there goes like this:

Using Crowd Meter

When playing at home, keep an eye on the crowd meter. If the crowd gets rocking, your player ratings will be boosted one point. Keep in mind that a hard hitting game is more likely to get the crowd going. An active crowd will also increase the likelihood of fights, so you may want to bring in your heavy bruisers when the arena starts quaking.

I think that pretty much confirms the crowd meter controls the fighting, the question is, how do we raise it?

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i dont think the crowd meter has anything to do with fighting...

i found the meter


the default dB level is 65

65 = 41 in hex

i changed it to C8, which = 200 dB

and the gameplay was pretty much the same...

fights happened middle to late in the 1st period.

id have to say the game did seem rougher though =)

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