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Alright guys, we were hoping it wouldn't have to come to this but Shaftman and myself have decided to set deadlines to try to kick this league into a higher gear and wrap up the first half within 4 weeks. If you don't reach these deadlines, we are prepared to replace you or remove you if there arn't enough replacements available.

First deadline - 2 weeks 12 GP - Official deadline: December 1, 2008

There are some coaches who already have 12 GP but do not feel like you are safe. We want to see some activity from you within the next 2 weeks or you will be eligible for replacement or booted.

Second deadline - 4 weeks 22 GP - Official deadline: December 15, 2008

This will conclude the first half of the season which will be followed by a week long trading period so please try to reach this deadline guys or its a strong chance you will be replaced or booted.

Hopefully this breathes some life back into this league, good luck with the games guys! I still need to play BobKudelski26 and NHLtrippin.

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Alright. I've been pretty busy myself but its time to take action here.

All the poeple in this league have once been the most active SNES players around. where the hell did you all go?

I don't want it to come to the point where poeple get replaced. But it looks like we are looking down that road.

I'm going to hound each and everyone of the SDL coaches.

time to go hokkee on your asses!

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