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I can do teams and rosters. I need someone to do logos.

The new Edge jerseys will be in for all teams that have them.

All players will have first and last names, not just jersey numbers.

Rosters: I will do them.

should be done by christmas if i can get someone to do logos!

Edit: Two original NHL 94 teams are in. They are:



Edit again: There will be two roms, due to the fact that there arent enough spots in the rom to do all the teams plus Hartford and Winnipeg, so everybody after Pittsburgh will be on Rom #2

Edit yet again: In the second rom, from Ottawa on down to Philly, will now be replaced by San Jose, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, Toronto, Washington, Vancouver and Winnipeg

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If you do an updated NHL'92 rom, I would love to host a league with it. We have had many seasons on the trusty old NHL'92 rom, and I have thought of doing a WHA hack of 92 as well.

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Hey Evan,

I still do an occaisonal league, but I am limited in what I can do. My last league was a Sega Gen Madden 2007 league late last year. I am planning on doing a Madden NCAA 2010 Sega Gen league when I am able finish the rom. I just have to go at a much slower pace these days :blink:


Jeff, nice to see you around. Still running leagues?
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