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This league has missed the runway by several hundred feet, and it looks like there's no survivors.

At this juncture my opus is completely devoid of any shape or texture. It's become so abjectly formless and untethered that there is no feasible way it could be centered back into orbit.

What began as a featured special dish on the main menu is now the spare rib maze on the back of the place mat.

It's regressed from a cult of devoted followers, to an occult, nebulous, pernicious, skull and bones cabal.

My once sexy, hourglass shaped, weird science creation, has grown into a hideously malformed frankensteinian elephant man, thing.

Looking at the wreckage from 5000 feet there's many detonation points outside the blast radius. The complications of coordinating matches could be one, and the revolving door of coaching replacements could be another. But the death knell the led to the exsanguination is in my mind, without a doubt, the exit of guys like EA. From that point everything spiraled into a sad dance of musical chairs.

It's easy to burden the shoulder of coaches with blame for the downfall of the league, so I will. JESUS H. CHRIST, WHAT DO I NEED A BOLT STUNNER TO COERCE YOU SLOTHS INTO PLAYING GAMES? YOU DUMPED THIS LEAGUE INTO A SHALLOW GRAVE AND BURIED IT ALIVE.

No seriously, there's no one to blame here. It's not you, it's me. We need to see other leagues, circulate, you know?

If there's anything I'll miss the most it's the bedlam of setting up games in servers, the bastardization of usernames like "HABNOT", "COCKWISE", "Dickenest", "HABLAESPANOL", and all the others. I'll miss all of the blood vessel bursting, needless replays. Can't forget the sick one timer setups either, and going out as the two time 2on2 champs softens the blow too.

Sadly the site will never get the new design that would of incorporated flash elements with the database, and some ajax (not the foaming cleanser).

Other web design projects have monopolized my time of late, one of them being the new NHL91.com site among others... So I doubt I'd have the time to play, even if the league had a clean bill of heath. We'll never know.

The domain name will probably become what it should of been all along, a fan site for tandem bicycles, or a double team laser tag clan home.

I love you 2on2 fooz like family, not in a Sanfransican way, in a Viking way. It should be noted that I don't love most of my family.

Hit me up for some exhibs if you see me. Guten tag mofos,

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Over? OVER? It can't be OVER! Frey is trying to revive the cauldron. We must press forward and revive the great one who has been hybernating in some insigifigant mid western city for months now.

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replacement needed jesus, get in my christmas tourney!!!

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