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Blitz 02 - Check In Thread!


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Pre-note: If you are a new coach and not on the waiting list, please sign up at http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?showtopic=8454 and then come back here and post a confirmation message.

If you are a returning coach or a coach on the waiting list please check in here by posting a message saying you're in for season 2!

Please note that priority for new coaches is given based on the waiting list order, not the check-in order.

If you don't want to play, posting a message saying that would be appreciated so I don't spend time trying to track you down!

I hope to start the draft process the january 17th weekend (player protection lists, etc).


Need to hear from these returning coaches:

  • MTL Dervin36 probably out
  • HFD minddefect
  • STL BeefJerkyRules6 out, busy

Need to hear from these waiting list coaches:

Confirmed (League):

  • DAL smozoma (?)
  • TB angryjay93 (A 1)
  • WSH hokkeefan2 (B?)
  • BUF Houlanov (B 1)
  • WPG Vocally Caged (A 2)
  • L.A rynweinmeyer (B 2)
  • NYR thegr8199kings (A 3)
  • EDM Icestorm NHL94 (A 4)
  • VAN gihtarman (B 3)
  • DET Flamingpavelbure (A 5)
  • PIT sebe82 (A 6)
  • BOS sonoffett87 (B?)
  • CGY Rage93 (B 4)
  • CHI metzgerism (B 5)
  • TOR skoolyardpuck (A)
  • PHI snoboarder3211
  • --- Freydey32 (A?)
  • --- Iceguy94 (B 7)
  • --- canadiensfan66 (A 7)
  • --- blackandgold94 / donnybrook94 (B 8)
  • --- jrodimus31 (A 8)
  • ----JacketsZherdev (:huh:
  • ----Zalex1414 (B)

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I am ready to step in any time. When do we start a draft?

Once again, AOL is Iceguy94.

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The Chicago Blackhawks would like permission to relocate to (not very recently) Sunny San Jose, California, home of their owner, and become the Sharks.

League permission pending commissioner approval or, failing that, a two-thirds vote of the owners lollylol.

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I wanted to make each league have 10 teams, but that would put canadiensfan66(HABS) and jrodimus31(jrod) in line as replacement coaches. If we lose coaches, they'll likely be from the "B" league, but having either of those coaches in "B" would be crazy since they have .600+ winning percentages in GDL (I'm .498).

So, I put them straight into the "A" league.

But, I didn't want to screw Iceguy94 and Zalex1414 (since they signed up before HABS and jrod), so, what I have done is expand the "A" league to 12 teams and kept the "B" league at 10.

The downside of this is that it makes the waiting list very short, and there are 3 coaches in "B" who, to me, are unknowns. So... I really need the new "B" coaches to be dedicated, or we could have a very tumultuous season!


  1. EDM Icestorm NHL94
  2. PHI snoboarder3211
  3. TB angryjay93 - "A" league champ
  4. NYR thegr8199kings
  5. WPG Vocally Caged
  6. TOR skoolyardpuck
  7. PIT sebe82
  8. DET Flamingpavelbure - "B" league champ
  9. DAL smozoma - "B" league finalist
  10. -2- Freydey32
  11. -5- canadiensfan66
  12. -7- jrodimus31


  1. WSH hokkeefan2
  2. BOS sonoffett87
  3. L.A rynweinmeyer
  4. BUF Houlanov
  5. CHI metzgerism
  6. CGY Rage93
  7. VAN gihtarman
  8. -1- JacketsZherdev
  9. -3- Iceguy94
  10. -4- Zalex1414


  1. -6- blackandgold94 / donnybrook94
  2. --- burerr9610 - ?didn't check in?
  3. --- WagsTh - semi-suspension for quitting weirdly last season

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