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Official GDL 6 Draft Round 1


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Official Database: http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=pHb...C7DQg&gid=3

1.1 1 Hartford Sdogg Roenick

1.2 2 Rangers EvitageN Yzerman

1.3 3 Oakland Metzgerism Bure

1.4 4 Anaheim Houlanov Mogilny

1.5 5 Quebec Fredey Selanne

1.6 6 San Jose Vocally Caged Roy

1.7 7 Phoenix XdeathbloodX Ciccarelli

1.8 8 Los Angeles EnsuingFracas Belfour

1.9 9 Vancouver Hokkee Gilmour

1.1 10 Detroit Shaftman Sakic

1.11 11 St. Louis Carse Fleury

1.12 12 Montreal Habs Gartner

1.13 13 Ottawa Sebe Modano

1.14 14 Minnesota Skool Recchi

1.15 15 Pittsburgh MattHurray Lemieux

1.16 16 Chicago Minddefect Bourque 10 Hour rule

1.17 17 Tampa Bay Angryjay93 Sweeney

1.18 18 Winnipeg Kgman Gretzky

1.19 19 Dallas BoKnowsNHL94 Bondra

1.20 20 Edmonton Icestorm Courtnall, R

1.21 21 Buffalo Swos Klima

1.22 22 Washington Jrodimus Fedorov

1.23 23 Calgary Scribe99 Lafontaine

1.24 24 Vancouver Hokkee Ronning

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So we are missing one pick, correct? Don't the rules state they are awarded the highest rated player left if they haven't picked by the end of the round?

After Hokkee picks, then chicago should be awarded the highest rated player before hokkee picks again.

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round ends officially at 5 ET, so hokkee still has like an hour to pick. pretty sure minddefect isn't even here. Not sure why he's still in the draft even though he hasn't logged on the forum for three weeks after i got booted for going away for a week.

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